The Good American Road Trip

  “It must be established as a law that adventure in itself does not exist. Adventure is in the mind of the one who pursues it, and no sooner is he able to touch it with his finger than it vanishes, to reappear much farther off in another form, at the limits of the imagination.” […]

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Marquette (Michigan) 101

A rough guide to Marquette, MI: written by an Outsider for other Outsiders “Send it.” This was easily the most noticeable and confusing colloquialism when I first arrived. I actually asked several people “send what? What am I sending to where?” They laughed. After some kind soul took mercy and took the time to explain […]

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Morocco: the land of contrasts

First time in Morocco, first time in Africa, first time being so absolutely bewildered by almost everything I experienced. Morocco has a reputation for being a very European area¬†of Africa, but what I lived there was such an interesting departure from everything I expected and thought I knew. In my mind (whether it be fueled […]

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Lesvos Lessons

    This Christmas, I volunteered on the Greek island of Lesvos to do what (little) I could to improve the situation of the thousands of middle eastern refugees making their way toward Europe and a (hopefully) better and safer life. From December 23-29, I¬†explored, volunteered, donated, and learned a lot, ranging from the little […]

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No excuses

“Aren’t you worried it will fuck you up?” “Yeah, but that’s kind of the point.” Less than two weeks from now I begin volunteering on Lesvos, Greece, the island overrun with refugees. I have almost no idea what I am getting myself into, and I am working on making myself alright with that. I have […]

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My Absolute Truths

Some are my own epiphanies and discoveries, many have come or evolved from my favorite quotes or literature. These are the things I tell myself: There is no absolute truth. Everything is situational. Be someone you’d like to meet. It is not your business what others think of you. There can be no progress without […]

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