Travel is NOT Glamorous*

I don’t know the time, or exactly how many time zones I am from home, but I do know that I am about 1.5 hrs away from landing in Stockholm Arlanda. It will be my first time in Europe and my first stop in this summer’s Scandinavian adventure. 

But I can’t stop thinking about how ludicrous it is that people find traveling to be so glamorous. Today I have eaten six Uncrustables, four Meijer brand granola bars and one overpriced, mediocre, but still-good-for-airport-food bacon, egg, and cheese. Even though I have wanted something tasty to sip on, I refuse to get one because sugary drinks, sleep deprivation, and sitting down for 24 hours straight is a lethal combination. Stretching and sleeping on the floor whenever you get a spare moment is tough, but even tougher is sleeping with one eye open while cradling your stuff like a child so that your stuff doesn’t get stolen. 

I currently feel an unprecedented amount of separation anxiety from my backpack, which contains warm socks and my love ibuprofen (necessary to curing this splitting headache I have developed in the past 25 hours or so). 

Traveling is hard. Traveling alone is even harder.

But it’s worth it. 

Travel isn’t all about Instagram and inspiring as much FOMO and jealousy as possible within the hearts of your audience. Travel is opting to leave your happy and comfortable home for exactly that reason – it’s too comfortable. Solo travel is knowingly (and sometimes begrudgingly) accepting the fact that when you want to the least is when you need to the most. 

Travel is hugging your friends goodbye, not knowing when you’ll see them again but having faith that the impending reunion will be a pure and simple bliss. It may include a never ending cascade of stories or maybe it’s an understanding silence. Because your friends not only speak your language, they understand your heart. 
*written June 7(8??), 2015. Sorry I suck at timely uploads. 


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