Plasencia: Primeras Vistas


I arrived in my new hometown of Plasencia just under a week ago in a cloud of the worst jetlag of my life. Only a place like this could force me to forget about the 40-some hours I had been awake and inspire me to want to explore the minute I arrived.


The town of Plasencia was founded in 1186 by King Alphonso VIII. It is a medieval walled city and the essence and history of the city have been very well preserved.


Every Tuesday there is an unreal farmer’s market in Plasencia’s Plaza Mayor. Guess who spent €5 on hella strawberries today.


These are just a few of my snapshots from my walks around town. What amazes me is how safe it feels. Walking around by myself at 3am after pinchos y vino didn’t scare me in the slightest.





I’m not one for churches, but this one sure is beautiful. It has a bit of an identity crisis because one side of it is called the Old Cathedral and one is called the New Cathedral. It’s unique because it’s one of the few churches in Spain that has combined two in one. One side is in the Romanic-Gothic style and the other is in the Renaissance plateresque style. If you know me you know I have no idea what that means but I do know it looks fucking cool.


I foresee this being a favorite reading spot.

Best part: I have to walk through a “zoológico ornitológico” (bird zoo) on my way to my school in Plasencia. I literally sat on a bench amongst the peacocks and laughed to myself for like 10 minutes when I figured that out.



I am already feeling the love in my new hometown. Next on the to-do list (once I finish navigating the clusterfuck that is all of Spanish bureaucracy) is to explore Extremadura, what my Auxiliares guide calls “la gran desconocida de España” (the great unknown of Spain lolz).



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