Find Me Elsewhere

Because I have had an online presence for many years before I began this blog, my stuff is scattered all over the world wide webiverse. Here are some of the other spots you can find me:

A recent submission to Matador Network!

My UMich MIISP MPortfolio about my CEA Alumni Ambassador Internship in San Jose, Costa Rica.

A blog entry I wrote for the University of Michigan Communications Department about my photography internship at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, June-July 2014.

A blog entry I wrote on behalf of CEA Study Abroad for at University of Michigan.

My several-years-old tumblr, containing a compendium of pictures and quotes I find inspiring.

During my semester abroad in Costa Rica and my subsequent internship a year and a half later, I wrote many blogs for My specific entries are listed below:

Meet Macey: CEA Alumni Ambassador Intern

Active Learning Is Fun. Really.

San Jose’s Greatest Hits

Making Things Happen – Independent Excursions

CEA San José Group Excursions

What “Pura Vida” Means To Me

CEA Familiarization Trip San José

Study Abroad: It’s Important for Post-Grad Too

Onsite Team: Fun, Friends, Family

Welcomed & Loved By My Host Family

How My CEA Internship Impacted Me

Extreme Multitasking: What Do CEA Onsite Directors Do?




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