My Absolute Truths

Some are my own epiphanies and discoveries, many have come or evolved from my favorite quotes or literature. These are the things I tell myself: There is no absolute truth. Everything is situational. Be someone you’d like to meet. It is not your business what others think of you. There can be no progress without […]

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A Day in the Life

I have now been here in Plasencia for exactly one month. It has flown. Up until yesterday I was accidentally telling the kids at school I have been here for only two weeks. It still feels that way, but it also feels like it has been much longer. For all you tuned in at home, […]

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My Soapbox

Yesterday my boyfriend asked me what kind of feminist I am. Choosing to avoid the confusion and politics surrounding the exact distinctions between all the different waves and subcategories, I simply chose an adjective: “understanding.” I am an understanding feminist. And here’s why: We can only ever truly understand our own realities. We can’t possibly live […]

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La Finca

This weekend was a dream. A dream that has helped cement one of my waking revelations a few months in the making: I am so over big cities. I just don’t like them. I found Stockholm draining, Oslo was pretty but a bit much, even Cáceres is a bit big for me. They are all […]

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Plasencia: Primeras Vistas

I arrived in my new hometown of Plasencia just under a week ago in a cloud of the worst jetlag of my life. Only a place like this could force me to forget about the 40-some hours I had been awake and inspire me to want to explore the minute I arrived. The town of […]

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“Why do you always leave?”

I spent yesterday evening on Lake Michigan with my father, mother, and adorable dog. I could tell they were excited to have me there; I guess having their only daughter gone several summers in a row will do that to two proud parents. At one point, while sitting next to my dad (he likes company while […]

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